Pokécube Wiki

Creating a Spawner:

In order to spawn in Pokemobs, a spawner must be created with a Command Block. A Command Block can be created when cheats are enabled. Once the block is placed, commands can be added to it.


Multiple arguments can be used to spawn a Pokemob, for example:

 cheat summontamed pokemake Charmander_character_bp_c eevee s

Gives the user a level 50 shiny Charmander that knows Thunder.

Table of Arguments:

Argument Description Example Result
Generates a single Charmander /pokemake Charmander Spawns a Charmander
s Makes the Pokemob shiny /pokemake Charmander s Spawns a Shiny Charmander
sh Makes the Pokemob a Shadow Pokemob /pokemake Charmander sh Spawns a Shadow Charmander
l:<number> Sets the level of the generated Pokemob /pokemake Charmander l:5 Spawns a level 5 Charmander
x:m/f Sets the gender of the Pokemob /pokemake Charmander x:f Spawns a female Charmander
r:<number> g:<number> b:<number> Sets the RGB value for the Pokemob, each number between 0 and 255 to tinge the color of the mob /pokemake Charmander r:0 g:0 b:0 Spawns a black-tinged Charmander
<playername> Assigns the player as an owner, can also use @p /pokemake Charmander Steve Creates a Charmander for a player named Steve
a:<abilityname> Sets the ability of the Pokemob /pokemake Charmander Blaze Creates a Charmander with the Blaze ability
m:<movename> Sets a move for the Pokemob, can add up to four moves /pokemake Charmander Flamethrower Creates a Charmander that knows Flamethrower
v:x,y,z Spawn coords for the Pokemob, relative to the command block that spawns them /pokemake Charmander v:0,5,0 Creates a Charmander 5 blocks above the command block
h:<number> Sets the size of the Pokemob /pokemake Charmander h:2 Creates a Charmander that's twice as large as normal
p:<nature> Sets the nature of the Pokemob /pokemake Charmander p:serious Creates a Charmander with a serious nature