Riding Pokemon in PokeCube is as easy as it sounds. In PokeCube when a Pokemon is Captured it can be Thrown out by the user Either for battle or for Mobility.

How To Ride A Pokemon

To ride a Pokemon first you'll need a Saddle from Mineceaft.

With the PokeCube mod it adds a Recipe. With only Three Leather And Two Iron you can make a Saddle.

PokeCube Saddle

Either you can make the Saddle or find it in a Vanilla Minecraft Dungeon.

To ride the Pokemon Follow these easy instructions.

First Throw the Pokemon out.

Right click it with an Open hand.

In the Top right corner there is a slot for a Saddle, you can Shift and Right click it there.

After the saddle is in the Pokemon's Inventory press Escape on your keyboard.

Right click the Pokemon with an open hand to hop on.

The Space Bar is to Ascend, and Control is to Descend. Shift to get off.